I’m Back!

Good morning, San Francisco?

It has been two years and I have drastically missed you ALL. I have been so caught up in working that I got lost in the career building process and have not been able to update you on my wonderful life. Now I know you are all madly curious, what has she been up to for 2 whole years? Well here is the short, sweet and to the point update on ME.

I GRADUATED! A long LONG time ago… Since graduation I have been looking for different ways to use my knowledge I gained from my entire twenty-three years of schooling. I am still working for HappyFeet LLC. However, my position has turned into a profit share of the company which is AMAZING! I use the skills I learned through school in the business world by acquiring new accounts and running the company while focusing on maximizing profits. In addition, I use my goofy side by teaching children from the age of 2-18 how to play soccer in my spare time. There is no greater joy than teaching a two year old which shoe goes on which foot… And even better, how to properly count to twenty. When we get to kicking the soccer ball that is when I know I have made it. Preschoolers are the absolute best, they live such a carefree life and it really makes me put my priorities into a different light. The most rewarding aspect of my job is seeing the growth in our youth that I am independently creating.

I have also acquired a High School soccer team in Seattle which allows me to not only give back my soccer knowledge, but really become a role model for these girls who are in their confused teenage years needing direction. The golden rule… “LISTEN TO YOUR MOM, SHE IS ALWAYS RIGHT.” And I mean ALWAYS. I definitely received a lot of brownie points from the moms in our first meeting, but that wasn’t the point. The point is teenage years are tough, trust me… I’ve been there. However, most young girls do not experience it until it is happening to them. We will chat more on this later in a blog post that I will be calling “For the Teenage Me.”

Over the last two weeks I have had some extra time on my hands. You know what that means… I have been EXTREMELY BORED. I have googled “what to do in your spare time” and by spare time I mean I have 2-3 free hours during the day. I have read many MANY articles, ranging from the most sane ideas to crazy cat lady status. For example; my favorite which told me I should start an online company that provides classes on how to potty-train your cat. EXHILARATING! After researching, what it came down to was filling these 2-3 hours doing something  I love, sharing. So here I am, with much more to come!

I hope you all have been well and that the holiday season treated you as grand as it has treated me! A whole extra ten pounds GRAND! In the meantime, don’t go anywhere, I will be back with a blog post on a recent interest and if you are feeling really ambitious check out how I got here.. https://briannajackson1.wordpress.com/introduction/


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