Today is the day! Some would mark it as the Seahawk’s first playoff game while others might name it simply as January 11th, 2014. For me, it is a day of accomplishments and new beginnings. I have successfully finished my first LAST week of my undergraduate program at the University of Washington! Now, to some this might seem silly (who celebrates that anyway) but for me it is an inspirational moment which helps me acknowledge that I CAN do it.

Four long years of school have almost come to an end and looking back on it, it was a good ride. Let me highlight a few memorable moments so you can get a taste of my satisfaction. Let’s go way back to my Freshman year at Oregon State University where I first stepped out of my comfort zone. Also, the first time I ever wore orange and black together voluntarily. Everyone has their first day of something monumental to their future career. Whether it be a start of a new job, new relationship, new school, or even a new friendship, EVERYONE has a first day.

Typically first days also turn into horror stories. Trust me, I have heard, witnessed and experienced it all. Being an optimistic person it is not hard to find the “ups” in what most people label as “downs.” With that said, my first day of college was like any other Freshman’s first day minus the fact that I LOVED it. Orientation was great, although I signed up for all classes not in my major, at times that seemed irrational to have a class. Considering my earliest class was flag football at 9:30 AM, I was living the dream. At this point in my college career I was hoping that I would turn into a Super Super Senior and never have to leave.

That changed quickly. Once I was told that I had to take “prerequisite classes” which I had no interest in, it was now a game of who can take the most outrageous classes and pass. However, my mother was not a big fan of this “game.” So much, in fact it landed me back in Seattle. Little did I know I would be having another FIRST DAY. With a heavy background in athletics and being a multi-sport varsity captain in High School, I figured that being a student athlete would be the best decision I would make. I was right.

Moving on… Separating my soccer career and my business career was a transitional period for me. I could decide to continue playing and one day dream to play with Hope Solo or I could enter the workforce and make a name for myself. Either way I was going to do both as a full-time student.

I am a huge advocate of education and progress. So that’s right, you guessed it, workforce here I come. Being a full-time student at the University of Washington and working for a Mergers and Acquisitions firm full-time allowed me to put a whole new value on time. Some say I was “20 going on 35″ but the real lesson here is BALANCE.

Now, I am an adventurer, the kind who would rather “rip the band-aid off” and look back at the journey being thankful for the experience regardless of the outcome. And I completely understand that not everyone is like this. I also understand that everyone is coming from a different background. Whether it be cultural, economical, or politically different everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Luckily for me, I was raised with multiple cultural backgrounds so I tend to relate to a vast amount of people.

Here is why; my mom grew up all over the world. She was born in India (the best part about that: NO ONE ever believes me). Growing up in places like Tanzania, Liberia, Thailand, etc. shapes a persons values. When I was little, I perceived my mom as an alien, consistently trying to figure out where she came from. However, now I update her on current news overseas and without hesitation she has some extraordinary experience that I have never heard of before. It’s safe to say, she rocks.

Where were we… Ah yes, senior year. This is historically the hardest year of college. Many people believe this because of educational purposes. Yet, I am a business student so that is little of our worries. The true hardship of this year is, WHAT NEXT. Other majors only allow the student to pursue few options once graduating. For example; if you major in Kinesiology you are going to look for a physical therapist job. Simple. Then there is business, where they often say “the world is your oyster.”

Coming into my last term at the University of Washington, it has never been more true. I am currently the Regional Director of a Franchise which allows me to tap into my passion with soccer and working with children. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it. Going to work where 4 out of 5 days it is unacceptable to wear anything but sweats, it can’t get much better than that. But in the back of my mind I have this idea of a huge corporation which I NEED to work for.

How do you get that job? Networking? Intelligence? Applying? That is for you to find out. Sure, school may shape your work ethic and make you look good on paper but you are sitting there senior year with too many directions you want to go yet no documentation about yourself, your accomplishments, awards. Someone close to me recommended me to SHARE. Thoughts, experiences, ideas, opinions, and knowledge.


Yes, leaving everything in a virtual world to be judged by others can be scary, but what happens when people relate. What happens when extraordinary people find value in YOUR simple words?

Now, for the hardest part of all. My introduction to you. Since you have heard a little bit about my background I will make it short and sweet. I am a Business student (not a Drama or Journalist major, surprise!). I enjoy constantly LEARNING about anything and everything (weird, I know). Travel is the ONLY thing that you can buy that makes you richer, well besides stocks… those can pay out too. My favorite color is BLUE, not green, money is nice but relationships are more valuable. Yes, I have guilty pleasures like reality TV and late night consumption of ice cream. But most importantly I am a believer in what can be and the idea that hard work pays off.

“Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness.”

Find your happiness


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